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Eventual annulment of some of the terms of the present document does not render void of the rest. Failure by Darousso.com to exercise the rights from the present terms does not imply resignation from these rights. Darousso.com is not responsible for violation of the present terms due to force majeure (indicatively including extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, floods, fires, emergency situations, etc.) The use of this website by the users is at their own risk.

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Darousso.com is committed to the quality, completeness and accuracy of the information listed on this website, regarding the identity of Darousso.com, as well as of the services supplied by this website, without prejudice to technical or typographical errors which cannot be predicted, or they have occurred unintentionally or due to disruptions of the function of this website because of force majeure.


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Any copying, modification, alteration, dubbing, configuration, reproduction, distribution, transfer, sale, republication, data transfer to another computer (upload) of any information (in whole, partial or in summary), in any manner, as provided in this website in any manner or means, including sending them to the Internet or distributing information on the Internet, in any other way without the prior written permission of Georgios Roussos E.E. / DaRousso Group Of Companies is prohibited.


The Georgios Roussos E.E. / DaRousso Group Of Companies is committed to protect the personal information of visitors / users of Darousso.com website and to comply with the relevant provisions on the protection of personal information (Greek Law 2472/1997 and 3471/2006 for the protection of individuals against the processing of personal information) as applicable at any given moment.

That is why information relating to personal information of visitors / users is not collected, unless they voluntarily provide it. It is not necessary to administer personal information in order to navigate in Darousso.com website or access its content, unless the visitor wants to proceed with a purchase or unless a visitor / user wishes to become an Darousso.com member and have access to some offers.

However, if the visitor / user wants to order products and in order that we ensure the ability of communicating with the user and generally for the support, promotion and completion of the trading relationship with the user, it is likely that the user is asked to disclose personal information (such as name, email address, birth date, etc.). The personal information of users are intended exclusively for the completion of the deliveries and for the contracts that will be signed with Darousso.com concerning the delivery of the products, the processing of the commands of the visitors, the design and content improvement of the website and the communication with the visitors for the promotion of the services of the website. When a visitor / user registers on the services of Darousso.com he /she can request to receive, if they wish, newsletters concerning the new products of the e-shop, as well as other existing offers, either from the company or from other collaborating companies through e-mail to the given e-mail address or through promotional-informational message via SMS on their mobile phone. In this case, the visitor / user agrees that the information submitted in Darousso.com is complete, correct, true, accurate and valid and that, if any change occurs, the visitor / user will inform the relevant service of Darousso.com, so that the registered information remain complete, correct, true, accurate and valid. If the user wishes to stop receiving promotional messages, he / she has to fill in the contact form of the www.darousso.com website and express his / her wish. The members are the only ones that are responsible for all the actions that are made with their personal password, user name, and in generally through their account. Members agree to immediately inform Darousso.com about any unauthorized use of their account and any void and / or possible security breach. Members are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and their formal exit from their account at the end of each use. Darousso.com is not responsible for any damage or injury that may result from members’ inability to respect and follow the present clause. By registering at Darousso.com the user agrees that his personal information will be used by Georgios Roussos E.E. / DaRousso Group Of Companies that is responsible for their processing through automation, either by the company itself or by any other representative person appointed by Georgios Roussos E.E. / DaRousso Group Of Companies to carry out the processing on its behalf. This information (to the extent that is considered personal) is subject to the European and Greek legislation.

However, users are advised not to send information they wish to remain confidential via e-mail, because it is possible that third unauthorized parties can read the messages sent by users via the Internet.

Registered users and those who provide their personal information on Darousso.com website have the right to request and receive from Georgios Roussos E.E. / DaRousso Group Of Companies the following information: a) all personal information concerning themselves, b) the processing purposes and the possible recipients, c) the update of their personal information that is kept in file, as well as the right to raise any objections concerning their personal information.

Registered users have the right to request at any time and without charge the deletion of their information by sending an e-mail at shop@darousso.com.

The above described disclosure of the personal information of the Darousso.com users constitutes the acceptance of these terms of use concerning their personal information as stated in the present document. If the user does not consent to the above mentioned use of personal information, he /she should not fill in the related fields.


Darousso.com makes reasonable efforts to secure users’ personal information in strict compliance with safety measures that in the opinion of Darousso.com can be altered or modified. Users, however, are informed that sending confidential information through e-mail is not the most secure way of sending messages, as there is a risk that such information might be read by third unauthorized parties.

In order to ensure the protection of users’ personal information, Darousso.com uses SSL technology. With the use of this technology, any data registered by the visitor / user in Darousso.com, is coded before it appears online and then the authenticity of the message and the server is investigated. With this way any possibility of interception of purchase or identity information is eliminated.

Finally, the personal security of the user is the password he/ she gives when becoming a member of Darousso.com. Darousso.com advises users to change their password regularly for security reasons and to avoid using the same passwords that are easily detectable.


Darousso.com is not making transactions with underage users, and as a result it does not collect information of underage users, as they are defined by the Greek legislation, i.e. a person younger than 18 years old.


If the visitors of Darousso.com use the communication abilities provided by this website in order to give information other than personal, such as suggestions concerning the website or ideas for publicity and products, as well as any other relevant information, these information will come into Darousso.com possession with the consent of the visitor, and may be used / exploited by Darousso.com in any way (e.g. reproduction, modification, disclosure to others, etc.) for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The visitor who provides such information, suggestions and ideas waives from any right to such information, suggestions and ideas that have been provided voluntarily, as well as to any right of compensation for the use of the above material by Darousso.com.


The visitor/ user of the present website is the only one responsible for the legal use of the website and he / she is obligated to desist from any illegal act and abusive behaviour, as well as from the adoption of illegal practices and practices of unfair competition.

Users / visitors are forbidden from sending or distributing illegal material through Darousso.com. Such material could include material that violates the rights of third parties (for example, intellectual property rights, rights of privacy and confidentiality) and /or are false, threatening, libellous, offensive, defamatory or instigating criminally punishable acts. The visitors / users are also prohibited to damage minors, counterfeit or alter the identification information of users / members having as purpose to disguise the origin of the content transmitted through Darousso.com. The suspension, post, email or use of any other mean for the instalment of unsolicited advertising or content relevant to the promotion of products or services or third party websites, as well as sending unwanted and unbidden by the customer e-mails or any other form of promotion of unwanted content is prohibited. Any form of third-party harassment is prohibited. The visitors / users agree that they will not endanger the security of this website and that they will not prevent any user from having access to this website. The use of the website for illegal purposes involves civil and criminal penalties. The visitor / user agrees and acknowledges that Darousso.com bears no responsibility for the material with the above characteristics, which comes from third parties and it is hosted on its website, and in any case can it be considered, that Darousso.com endorses or accepts such content.

Darousso.com does not control and is making no preventive control of the content and the information that third parties publish and notify and it does not bear any responsibility for them.

If Darousso.com has been informed that some content is causing ethical damage or any other form of damage to a third person, it retains the right to proceed directly to the deletion of that content and simultaneously to disrupt the function of the account of the user / member, who is violating the terms of the present document. Darousso.com states that it will cooperate with any police, judicial or public authority, so as to reveal the identity of users publishing or transmitting such material or information.

The visitors /users pledge that the information submitted to Darousso.com is complete, correct and accurate, that they comply with the rules of the Greek Law and in particular with the provisions of the telecommunications legislation, that they refrain from any illegal and contrary to fair use of Darousso.com and that they do not violate any kind of rights of third parties and in particular the personal privacy.

In the event that a visitor/user causes technical damage to the website or to the systems that transmit the website to visitors / users, he /she shall be liable for any damage arising from such damage and he/ she will incur any form of expenditure for the restoration of the damage.

The visitor / user of Darousso.com also understands and accepts that he /she retains the exclusive responsibility to compensate Darousso.com and its partners for any legal dispute that may arise between the first and third entities due to the content that the visitor /user has made available for suspension, publication or transport through the services of Darousso.com, as well as in case of incorrect information input during the registration or data update and in general in the event of any form of violation of these terms of use.


The visitor / user understands and accepts that Darousso.com owns the exclusive right to stop, without former notification, the use of the password / passwords to the provided services or / and to interrupt the provision of the content to the visitors / users that are seemed to have violated the letter and the spirit of the present terms of use. Darousso.com bears no responsibility towards the visitor / user for the above mentioned interruption or for any case of a claim associated with the above mentioned interruption.


Darousso.com is under no circumstances responsible for the communication of the visitor / user with the third service providers who advertise or are advertised in Darousso.com and for any kind of commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them.


Darousso.com is not responsible towards its customers / users for damages that may occur through the use of the services and the contents of Darousso.com, which they carry out on their own initiative and with knowledge of the present terms (except for the cases of paragraph 14 “Product Returns”.)

In cases of force majeure, Darousso.com is reserved to the delivery time of the products.

Darousso.com can provide no guarantee for the availability of the products, but can guarantee for the timely notice of the final consumers for the non-availability of the products.

Darousso.com does not guarantee that the website or the servers through which the website is available to the customers / users do not contain “viruses” or other harmful software programs and it will not be liable for any kind of damage that the visitor /user may suffer by pages, services, options and contents of Darousso.com, which he / she uses on his /her own initiative and responsibility, for example but not restrictively, damage due to illegal actions of third parties, such as interception or decryption of codes and data, virus spread during the use of the website or information download of its content, or problems that may occur during the use of computers (e.g. loss of data etc.). Darousso.com is used as it is, without any expressed or indirectly declared guarantee and according its availability. Darousso.com makes reasonable efforts for the maintenance and the availability of its content. Nevertheless, the users accept that Darousso.com is entitled to amend and/or temporarily or permanently pause the whole content or a part of it with no notice to users, since the availability can be affected by the equipment of the users, from other communications networks, from the large number of people who are trying to make use of Darousso.com at the same time, or from other causes. Therefore, Darousso.com does not accept liability for any kind of damage (positive, negative, negligent, contractual or other) arising from users’ incapability to access the website, for the termination of the whole or parts of the website, for the delay, non-delivery, interruption or poor reception quality of the services or for the loss of the contents of the services, or for the existence of other errors. In every case Darousso.com retains the right to suspend at any time temporarily or permanently the whole or any part of the website for maintenance or upgrade or for any other reason.

Darousso.com does not guarantee that the pages, the services, the options and the contents will be provided without interruption, without errors, that this web site will be safe, that errors will be corrected in this website or that the server that makes Darousso.com available does not have viruses or other harmful components. The cost of the possible corrections or services is up to the visitor /user and under no circumstances up to Darousso.com.


Darousso.com may use cookies to identify the users. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard disk of each user. The cookies do not have access to the documents or files of the user’s computer and are used only to facilitate the user’s access to specific services, for marketing purposes, as well as for statistical purposes, so as to set out the areas where the services of Darousso.com are useful or popular. The user can set up his / her server, so as not to receive cookies, either globally or on a case-by-case basis. In this case, the user may not have further access to these services.


Darousso.com may contain links to other websites. The interface of Darousso.com with other websites through links is made only for the convenience of visitors / users and in order to complete the information provided for specific issues. These websites are not under the control of Darousso.com and therefore Darousso.com is not responsible for the availability, content, the policy for the protection of personal information, the quality and the completeness of their services. Darousso.com is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage of the users / visitors, resulting from the use of the possible interface with another website through links or from the use of data and information that are contained in a similar website. Therefore, for any problem that may arise during the visit / use of the website, the visitor / user must apply directly to the relevant websites and web pages, which bear full (civil and criminal) responsibility for the safety, the legitimate, the validity of the content of their websites and of the provision of services and any liability by Darousso.com must be excluded. At any case Darousso.com should not be assumed to endorse or accept the content or the services of these websites and the content or the services of the websites to which it refers or is somehow associated and Darousso.com expressly disclaims any liability from the content, privacy policy, quality content and services of these websites.


The customer owns the right to return the products he / she purchased from the present e-shop and charge the Georgios Roussos E.E. / DaRousso Group Of Companies. under the following occasions:

1. If by fault of Darousso.com wrong products were sold (by mistake upon the order, invoice or delivery etc.). In this case, the customer can either decline to receive the product or accept it and then ask for a return. For returns, the user has to make the Return Request. The return will be valid when the request is accepted and validated by the Team of Darousso.com. The products must be in excellent condition, sealed in their packaging, complete and without any damage. The packaging of returned product should be the one that initially came with the product and it should be in excellent condition.

2. If by fault of Darousso.com bad quality products were sold (damaged during the delivery or were initially defective etc.). In this case, the customer can either decline to receive the product or accept it and then ask for a return. For returns the user has to make the Return Request. The return will be valid when the request is accepted and validated by the Team of Darousso.com. The returned products must be in excellent condition, sealed, complete and without any damage. The packaging of returned product should be the one that initially came with the product and it should be in excellent condition.
The product must be returned in the condition that it was delivered. Moreover, in case the customer does not return the product, then the new product won’t be sent to him / her and the customer will have to make a new order / purchase.
In both of the above cases, the maximum time frame for making Return Requests must not exceed the fourteen (14) calendar days since the receipt date nor (7) calendar days since the delivery date. The returns of products are excepted within the maximum time frame of thirty (30) days since the date indicated on the purchase receipt.

Returns for domestic orders – Greece
The return is being charged to the customer when the original order is sent free of charge ( for orders sent with Free Shipping).
If the order was not sent free of charge, meaning they do not meet the criteria for Free Shipping and are shipped by the customer charge, then the return is carried out with customer charge and later the customer is given credit for the amount of the return from Darousso.com. The amount of credit will be equivalent to the charge according to the price list of the Hellenic Post service for packages. If You choose to return the order with other shipping company, Darousso.com will cover in credit only the amount according to the Hellenic Post service pricelist, and the difference in price will be on customer charge solely. For information on credit for returns please contact us.

Returns for international orders – all countries except Greece
For all international returns the customer is first charged for the return and then the customer is given credit for the amount of the return from Darousso.com. The amount of credit will be equivalent to the charge according to the price list of the Hellenic Post service for packages. If You choose to return the order with other shipping company, Darousso.com will cover in credit only the amount according to the Hellenic Post service pricelist, and the difference in price will be on customer’s charge solely. For information on credit for returns please contact us.

Returns with customer charge
The customer owns the right to return the products he / she bought without any cost and without needing to explain the cause of his / her decision for the return of the products, by returning within thirty (30) calendar days since the receipt date. The first return or exchange of products is charged to the customer, but it is credited by Darousso.com. For further exchange of products, the customer is charged with the new return cost. For final return, the customer will be charged the shipping costs which will be deducted from the refund amount. If the returned products do not meet the criteria for return, the products will be returned to the customer on customer’s charge. The Returns will be accepted only if the Return Request is made, which you can make trough an email to shop@darousso.com or if a phone communication with the e-shop has preceded within the above deadline (calling at +30 210 4180888). The products that the customer wishes to return must be in the exact same condition that they were delivered without their initial packaging being unsealed or violated. In case of return, the refund for the products that the customer order, will be completed within 15 days since the date that Darousso.com receives the returned products. The return can be made through credit of the customer’s bank account, which he / she will promptly and in writing acquaint to Darousso.com.

In cases of return, the customer owns to return all the documents accompanying the product intact and in excellent condition (e.g. Invoice Receipt, Retail Receipt, marketing material or any other promotional material, like coupons, etc.).


The discount coupons have specific time duration and have to be stated at the first stage of the ordering procedure. In each order only one discount coupon can be accepted.

The usage of each coupon is possible within a certain time frame and within the terms and restrictions which are related to each coupon and specific promotion. For all the information about coupons and promotions, users can get information workdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by phone at +30 210 4180888 or by mail at shop@darousso.com.

The various products discounts that appear on the website of this e-shop are valid until stock exhaustion and only for the time period defined by the promotional activity.


Darousso.com guarantees for the quality of the products and for the suitability of the products for a specific cause, if their use is regular and according to their general purpose and if the products are maintained according to the care instructions provided for each product. For any information related to the product guarantee please contact us.


The e-shop Darousso.com delivers its products in the regions of Greece, Cyprus and all European countries as well as Worldwide. Deliveries are made daily, except for Saturday and Sunday, holidays or general strike days, during the working hours of the collaborating courier companies. Among the above mentioned days and hours, the cases when the courier company will not be able to deliver the products upon its fault are excluded.

The indicated prices are the final prices, in which the VAT is included. Darousso.com retains the right to change the prices without previously informing the customers. However, in all cases, at the time of the delivery of the ordered product, the customer will have to pay the price that was indicated at the time of the ordering procedure.

Order Completion / Confirmation
When the ordering procedure is completed, the customer will receive the confirmation and the order number through e-mail or by telephone by Darousso.com.

Order Cancellation
In case the customer wishes to cancel the order, he/she will need to contact the online store either via e-mail at shop@darousso.com either by phone at 0030 2104180888 and cancel the order. The cancelation will be accepted only if the order has not been dispatched.

Changing your order
After the completion of the order no changes can be made. If the customer wishes so, the customer has to cancel the order, before its completion and choose other products.

Products Availability
In case that an ordered product is not available, Darousso.com will contact the customer by e-mail or telephone within reasonable time period since the day of the order, in order to inform the customer for the speculated delivery date or cancellation of the order.

Order Tracking
Darousso.com offers its customers the possibility of order tracking, through information e-mails each time that the order changes a stage. The customer can also sign in at “My Account” any time, give the username and password and get informed about the stage of the order.

Products Delivery
In case your purchase was made with the use of a credit card, in order to ensure the owner of the card, the delivery of the products is possible only to the buyer, who must receive the delivery by showing his / her identity card or passport and his / her credit card. The receipt of the delivery from a third party is permitted only if the buyer has authorized the third party in writing. If there is a written authorization, the third authorized party should show the above mentioned documentation (Identity Card, Authorization) in order to receive the products purchased through the credit card.

Delivery Time
The delivery is carried out within maximum of 30 days from the order date and it depends on the shipping address as well as the availability of the products. In rare occasions and always after information of the customer, the delivery time might be longer.

Delivery Method
The delivery of the products is solely made by a courier company.

Shipment Costs / Pay on Delivery
The shipment cost is defined for every occasion based on the criteria of the collaborating courier company (e.g. destination, weight, volume). The exact amount is estimated during your order.


Payment with Credit Card
The e-shop Darousso.com accepts the credit cards Visa Mastercard and American Express.

For purchases with credit card, the customer ought to follow the instructions of the present e-shop. The customer has to complete the number and the expiration date of the credit card in the order form of the e-shop. The credit card will be charged after the control, the verification of the information and the validation of the card. The customer is the only responsible person for the right registration and for the truth of the information of his / her credit card.

In case of purchase, the buyer has to be the owner of the card that is used for the completion of the transaction.

Payment Via PayPal
In order to complete this payment method, the customer has to transfer to the PayPal website. In the PayPal website the customer should follow the instructions found on the website and then complete the order on the Darousso.com e- shop.

Payment via bank account deposit
If you wish to use this method, you must deposit the corresponding value of your order in the bank account of Darousso.com. In this case, your order will be processed but shipment will be performed only after the deposit is verified (usually within 2-3 working days, depending on the bank). If the deposit is not made within 3 working days, the order will be cancelled. Please include your full name or order number on the deposit slip. The bank account to be used for the deposit is as follows:

IBAN: GR 730260076000520200711282
ACCOUNT No: 0026.0076.52.0200711282

Payment at the delivery of the order ( Pay on Delivery )
The customer pays the courier company, which acts on behalf of Darousso.com ,by the delivery of the product in the location indicated by the customer or by the receipt of the product by the customer at the office of the courier company.
The pay on delivery is available only for shipments within Greece.
For all of the above mentioned payment methods an invoice or retail receipt issuing is possible.

Invoices are issued to companies and freelancers after they fill in the following information during the order procedure: company name, company activity, Tax ID, Local Tax Office, telephone. The full information for issuing invoice needs to be entered in the field Order Notes.


The delivery of the products is made by collaborating courier companies in which Darousso.com provides the personal information of the users, like the name and surname, the delivery address and their telephone, so that the delivery and execution of the orders is possible.


Your order might be delayed for the following reasons:

1. The product is out of stock and no longer available. In this case, Darousso.com will contact the customer in order to inform him / her and offer an alternative solution.

2. In cases of extreme weather conditions or strikes, as well as in case of force majeure, that can affect the transport and the delivery of the customer’s order. In those cases, and if it is possible, Darousso.com will contact the customer as soon as possible, so that the customer can express whether he / she wishes the completion of his order under these circumstances.

3. If a problem arises in the customer’s order (e.g. related to the product, or to the payment etc.) but the telephone communication with the customer or / and the email communication is not possible because the personal information that the customer registered were not correctly updated.


The present terms of use and the use of the website Darousso.com are governed by the Greek Law, by the provisions of the European Union that are applicable in the Greek Legislation and by relevant International Treaties. In case that one of the present terms is found void or voidable, its voidness or voidableness will not affect the validity of the rest of the terms. Competent to resolve any dispute that may rise from the use of the website Darousso.com or concerning the interpretation or application of the present terms of use or in consequence thereof is the Athens Court.


For information concerning Darousso.com users can call daily from 09.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. at +30 210 4180888. Users can also contact Darousso.com at the e-mail address shop@darousso.com as well as by postal address at: Darousso.com, GEORGIOS ROUSSOS Lp., 12-14 Markou Botsari Str., Piraeus Postal Code 18538, Attica Greece.