What is Slow Fashion?

Slow Fashion is a term all fashion lovers are coming across lately but few know really what it is. Slow fashion is actually something that anyone knows about but till the age of fast fashion there was no need to be identified in that sense. Slow Fashion is a global response to a phenomenon of fast fashion. In order to understand what is Slow Fashion we need to understand what is Fast Fashion.

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What does one size mean?

Quite a few times we come across clothes that bear the label One Size. But what does it actually mean? When shopping online, the question is: will it actually fit? Because, to most of people One Size doesn’t actually say the size. Well, the problem is, there is no standard to One Size, and each company will have different criteria to what this size is.

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Take on Art and Fashion…

The connection between the psychology, our mind and art has been discussed by different researchers trough time. It is evident that there is a connection. Abstract art reaches far beyond the conscious. It digs deep into our subconscious while observed. Surprisingly so it has power to create different reactions and emotions, which are for each one of us different and unique. These do have something in common though. According to the British Council of Psychology, the can affect our mood and create positive states, can help cure psychological problems and develop our perception.

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